Day Six


Bringing myself to write today was a little difficult. I guess the perfect solution to a not so good day is some gratitude and kind thoughts. I hope it works, but if not, sleep is always an easy way out.

I decided that the affirmations given to me in the task are not all that I am going to repeat. Upon reading this task, I realized that I have never repeatedly told myself anything kind. Thinking about it makes me doubt it’s weight and what it could do but I also have a feeling it won’t be as cringe worthy as the voice in my head describes.

So, step one, write down affirmations for yourself.

Step two, repeat them.

The affirmations I chose are parts of insecurities I carry around. I repeated them thrice and I started tearing up. I don’t have a specific word for this feeling, but it’s what you get when you have a conversation that takes weight off your chest. Except that I had a conversation with myself. This isn’t the random “bubbly” things I do in front of the mirror on good days, but an acknowledgement of how far I have come and how I have the ability to move forward.

Hearing that you are capable from a friend of a family member is uplifting, but saying that to yourself is a different kind of joy. This is a task I’d like to make a habit. We’ll see if I keep my word on that.

I’ve met the part of the world that holds the door to self love.

Peeking in for now,


PS. It worked:)


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