To my Teens.

Small heads up, I don’t mean the teens who read my posts, I’m still writing about myself.. to no ones surprise. But, I’ll try to diversify that soon.

It’s weird how much importance we put to numbers and to a year system that may be completely bogus. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt through this blog, it’s that reflection is necessary. And if birthdays bring about reflection, they have a purpose.

I thought of continuing my post and summarizing the past 10 years but it holds too much of me to jot down. In short, my teens have broken me and made me. I’d like to look at the latter more than the former. We’ll leave the other to my therapist a couple years down the lane.

I shy away from complimenting myself when I reflect in fear of coming off as a narcissist. I’ll push away that voice for now. As a kid, I learnt to stand up for the people I care about before I learnt to stand up for myself. But as years progressed, I now stand for myself and I’m an arms length away from being fully independent. I have morals that guide me and friends who keep me in check.

The other day, Amma said I was an unlucky child. But as I look around me today, I see friends and family who have helped build me up.

To my teenage years, I don’t have much to say to you. I won’t try to make you proud or stick to your ideals. I’ll just continue evolving and bettering myself while making new goals. I am however, extremely proud of you. I’ll take the reigns now. Rest.


A confused yet eager 20 year old Amulya.


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