Day Eighteen & Nineteen


I can’t bring myself to write the tasks for these two days.

One was to write a letter to your government expressing your views but it seems beyond pathetic that I have to plead for equality. As if a world without discrimination is unattainable. That is a thought I don’t want to spend much time on. Instead, I’ll work on changing myself and bringing about waves of change where I can.

The second task, was to read a story and write about what I felt. I found the story to be uninteresting so I’m back to square one,

I’m feeling uninspired in general and I guess it’s translating into resistance to the tasks. But this was never about doing something perfectly for 21 days. It was about understanding myself, what I have and where I want to go. On another note, I realized I can’t sit down and meditate. I used to be able to, but I am so restless now. I guess I can build that into a habit and I’ll start tomorrow.

I hope I can write more for the last two days, but until then, binge reading Webtoons is the way to go!!

Not going too hard on myself,




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