Day Twelve & Thirteen

I think I’m going to start clubbing 2 days into one post because that’s easier. Why should we choose the hard path when the easy ones right there if you need it.

I’ll do individual ones when I can, but for now, here’s task 12 and 13.

TASK 12: Write down your worries.

Well that seems simple enough.

1. Placements and my future in general.

2. Number one:)

So much of my life has been preparing me for this moment, but I feel like a skeleton of what I should be.

I don’t know if I’ve gained enough in the past 3 years. But then again, I guess we all feel like we could have done more in the past. For now, I’ve been making an effort to learn and fill in the gaps to reach where I want to be but it’s still terrifying. Putting it out there doesn’t make too much of a difference, but as I’m writing this, I know worrying won’t do anything either.

I’ll put in more effort from today and I’ll hope for the best. Whatever comes, I’ll make it work.

TASK 13: Write a legacy statement

Having a legacy to be remembered by isn’t a priority of mine. I doubt it ever will be. I’d like to think of how I want to live rather than thinking of how I’ll leave.

When my times up, I’d like to leave knowing I lived life to the fullest.

I want to live like a child. I want to laugh whole heartedly, forgive easily, smile lightly and to cherish the small things. I’d like to make everyday one that’s worth living and to love without bounds. I’d like to give to those who need help and do so without question. I’d like to run from place to place and leave parts of me hidden all over.

My goal is nothing special. It’s to live everyday as if it’s my last and to learn ad much as I can. And I intend to do so everyday till the day I die.

Eagerly Growing,



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