It’s Okay To Not Be Okay


Describing a show is far harder than watching one. I know it’s obvious, but the amount of thought that goes into analyzing a show is just insane. My words do not hold the conviction that my heart has about this K-drama, but I will still try to do it justice.

Through the stories I have heard and through parts of my own story, I know that some things you experience as a child stay with you. We’ve all heard that in therapy you often uncover something from your childhood that explains what you feel in the present. But regardless of the information that we have about mental health and of the empathy we give others, we often go too hard on ourselves. This drama shows the lives of two brothers and a girl who have all faced traumatic events as a child. With the help of children’s story books and the lives of patients in a psychiatric hospital the characters and viewers are taught lessons in love, forgiveness, courage and honesty.

Explaining this show without ruining the packaging it comes in is near impossible, so I will only tell you this. You may feel leashed and imprisoned by something, and as time passes you may forget that the leash can come off, but when you are ready to see what lies beyond your cage, take it off. The world is large, unfamiliar and terrifying at times, but it also holds adventure, cures and salves.

There are a lot more analogies that the drama explains, but I shouldn’t ruin anymore.

Rather than another uninformed review of a show, this post is to say that it’s okay to not be okay. Changing yourself beyond recognition is not the only way to move past a tough time. But, you should also be receptive of help and constructive criticism. You are not your parent, you are not a part of anyone else and you should not sacrifice parts of you for another. You are human and therefore require kindness, care and love and the best way to begin is by forgiving yourself.

PS: We all know this is more for me than anyone else. I’m working on it and I hope you are too.


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