Day Two



I’ve heard that word for most of my life. From “get good marks in 10th grade to be successful“, to the same in 12th grade and again, the same in college. Success was always attributed to a marks card but I didn’t believe that.

When I was a kid, I believed happiness meant that you succeeded in life. But then again, I also believed that I could survive on my own for the rest of my life in a forest with a backpack that had a change of clothes and some snacks.. It goes without saying, I wasn’t the brightest child in the room. The kind of books I read made me believe that I lived in a perfect world. Plus, it was easier to define happiness back then. I bet I would have pretended to think for a second and then listed out my favorite foods, season and colors. I can already picture a 6 year old Amulya in a purple robe stuffing herself with pancakes, pizza and hot chocolate, sitting in front of a fireplace in winter claiming “this is the life” with a smug expression.

But there’s more to life than that. Staying inside for the past 5 months showed me that eating what I want and watching what I like isn’t enough to keep me happy and in turn, successful. I never liked complicated definitions but as time passes, the variables which contribute to ones happiness just keeps piling up.

So when I sat down to think of the people in my life who I believe are successful and happy, I was a mess. How do I measure that? Yes, I admire and look up to many people but I have also seen them at their lowest and in need of a hand. I’ve seen the strongest of people waver, I’ve seen those with unrelenting drives fall into despair and I’ve felt the pain in their stories. I cannot put them into boxes, because I know how quickly things may change. I am also proud and inspired by so many who may not call themselves happy at the moment.

I made a list, because it wouldn’t be a challenge if I didn’t go through with it, but I amn’t giving it any value. I think a lot of people around me are inspiring, beautiful and strong in their own ways. They all have their own stories and their own variables to determine what they deem as successful and I am content knowing that I can watch from the sidelines and offer a hand if they need it.

PS. Finally, an example with some truth. I still dream of owning a cozy purple robe :3


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