Day One

A friend of mine roped me in for something called 21 Days of Abundance. Everyday, there is a task and a meditation guide that is to be done and that is all I know. This is my journey.

the TASK: make a list of 50 people who have contributed value in your life.

This seems fated already.

As a kid, my father would always ask me to list my top 5 or 10 favorite people to see if he made it there. Unfortunately for him, I was brutally honest. It was however, something I enjoyed doing. It took me down this road of memories with every person that I listed and though I didn’t know how to word it it at that time, I felt loved, lucky and extremely grateful.

This time, as I reminisced and recalled countless interactions, I was reminded of how important a hug or a passing conversation really is. Some people on my list have no idea how crucial they’ve been in the never ending marathon that my life is. I also realized how randomly opportunities present themselves and how easily they can be overlooked. Some of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt are the result of following odd gut feelings and taking up a random offer.

I could go on with what I’ve been reminded of and how I feel, but this is something I’d like to wallow in instead of struggling to define and pen down.

It took me over an hour, but I’ve finally listed 50 people, along with a few extra. But putting it out there for the world to see doesn’t feel right. This list pans over 20 years of my life. There are so many people that I’ve crossed paths with in this time who have added value to my life.

Listing them does bring out a lot of gratitude, but that list is mine to live and not to quantify. And boy am I excited to run alongside some exceptional people.

PS. I don’t know why I keep making analogies that I despise… Running and me? hell no. I’ll drink coffee with them, lay around with them and laugh until my cheeks hurt.


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