I’ve pulled away from the thought of writing a blog because I didn’t have a clear cut vision of what I wanted to put up. But, I’ve finally come to terms with not defining myself. Not when I have a whole world left to see.

So here it is. My thoughts or better yet, my word vomit on anything and everything I find interesting enough. I hope to give this some structure in the future, but for now, this is the beginning. The first step to being an articulate writer as well as the first written attempt at dissecting my brain and what catches my attention.

It has always fascinated me when people quote certain traditions of a country they’ve never been to, writers that most people have never heard of or anything of that sort. This wasn’t just because I was intrigued at the moment, it was because I wanted to know how they built that knowledge and retained it.

I wanted to know how a girl who struggles to remember birthdays and college material could ever reach that level of knowledge where she would be filled with thoughts and opinions that had solid reasoning behind them. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to quote something once in a while and feel good about it.

But boy, was I a lost cause. I was wallowing in self-pity over not knowing enough and didn’t bother to listen to my brain when I was curious about things around me. Granted I did take a few measures to begin, but I never took a step. I was busy obsessing over the sneakers I wore and forgot that I needed to walk to break them in.

So here I am, a girl planning to walk the world wearing sneakers she’s terrified of creasing. But, I hope I don’t stay this way. I’ll do my best to walk and observe more than my feet for a change and this, is my first step.

P.S. I am most definitely a chappal person, but the sneakers analogy seemed more befitting.


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